Applications of minipurification

What is minipurification good for?

1- A plant has virus-like symptoms? Is it infected with a virus? If so what sort of virus?

2- My greenhouse culture is old and has funny symptoms. Is it still the same virus?

3- Does that alfalfa plant have only AMV or is there a mixed infection?

4- Is my virus stable to acid? (heat, high salt, proteases, various detergents?)

5- I've transmitted my new virus to C. quinoa. Is it the same virus as in the original host?

6- The plant has a virus, but the host sap is so nasty I can't transmit it (or see much in the EM).

7- Are virus concentrations the same in mixed infection as in single infections?

8- Is my virus capsid protein degrading in the host?

9- My prep contains three proteins. Are they all part of the same virus particle?

10- What is the best host to isolate my virus from?<

Note: minipurification provides useful but not unambiguous answers to these questions.