Lysin summary - basics
Lysin summary - basics

Basics of measuring lysin activity - lysin renders chlorophyll detergent accessible

Detergent sensitivity of algal cells
(resistant to neutral, anionic detergents)

Intact virion lysins are host specific

Extracted (soluble, WAL) lysin is host nonpecific

Cloned A215L (alginate lyase) has lysin activity

Commercial alginate lyase has lysin activity

High salt dissociates soluble lysin from intact PBCV virions

Improvements in purifying lysin from cell lysates

SDS gel of lysin prep
(not very pure)

Cation exchange of soluble lysin
- elutes in several fractions, multiple (hetero) subunits

Cation exhange of lysin extracted from virions -
elutes at lower salt than lysate lysin

New! - Diethylpyrocarbonate inhibits PBi autolysin

New! - Polyethyleneimine precipitates both DNA and lysin in lysin prep

New! - Antibody to PBCV inhibits WAL lysin assay

New! - Washing cells with 1M LiCl increases sensitivity to lysin

New! - Triton permeability can limit assay sensitivity

New! - Presence of Triton during cation exhange of WAL lysin doesn't affect high MW smear

New! - High MW smear is insensitive to reduction and alkylation

New! - Effect of polymers on the lysin reaction

New! - Effect of sample heating on SDS gels of lysin