Algal virus lysin - summary - more concise summary

Algal virus lysin - summary

Lysin assay - WAL lysin isolation protocol - Detergent sensitivity of algal cells

PBCV cell wall composition

Attempt lyse Chlorella with commercial enzymes

PBCV whole virus lysin - Host specificity of intact virion lysins

Properties of ATCV WAL lysin (lysin from lysed cells)

Effect of calcium ion (and other factors) on WAL lysin

Effect of calcium ion on various lysins

SAG WAL lysin acting on a substrate panel - substrate list

Properties of NAc-beta-glucosaminidase of SAG WAL lysin

Lysin and glucosidase activities of soluble and WAL lysin preps - Protein compositions

Chromatography of PBi soluble fractions, PBCV WAL lysin - proteins of latter fractions

TCA precipitation of dansyl proteins

NAc-beta-glucosaminidase is secreted by the host

Enzyme activities of large scale SAG soluble lysin prep

Column purification of PBCV WAL lysin