Chlorella viruses & proteins
Chlorella viruses & proteins

World of Chlorella viruses

Giant virus

PBCV1 genes
A014R -1370AA, pI 6.3, virion protein, vp280?

A018L - 1336AA, pI 5, vp280?

A029L - 821AA, pI 4.1, not in virion

A064R - 638AA, pI5.5

A122R - 1033AA, pI 5.3, vp260, beta-helix, structurally like alginate lyase, virion protein

A123R - 321AA, pI 5.5, assembly mediator for "tail spike"

A140/145R - 1130AA, pI 10.3, PAPK repeats, vp135, binds to chlorella, virion protein

A181/182R - 831AA, pI 7.7, 2 chitnase domains, cellulose binding domain, virion protein

A189/192R - 1299AA, pI 10.8, virion protein

A215L - 322AA, pI 10.3, alginate lyase

A312L - 218AA, pI 5.26, early protein, not in virion

A392R, 258 AA, pI 9.12 - ATPase, similar to other large DNA virus genes

A430L - major capsid protein

A540L - 1177AA, pI 6.3, hemagluttinin-like, virion protein
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