Olympus C-750

Olympus C-750

The C-750 features a variable ISO setting, which lets you set the camera's light sensitivity to 100, 200, or 400 ISO equivalents, or to an Auto mode. The higher sensitivity settings, combined with the camera's maximum 16-second shutter speed and noise reduction option, provide excellent low-light shooting capabilities. The higher ISO settings are also helpful when you want faster shutter speeds under normal lighting, to help freeze fast action. Of course, as with all digicams, the higher ISO settings produce photos with more image noise, in much the same way that higher-ISO films show more film grain. To combat this problem, the C-750 offers a Noise Reduction mode through the Record menu, which greatly reduces the amount of image noise from long exposures, particularly at the higher ISO settings.

Camera on - mode wheel to A/S/M

Mode settings - ISO 100 - M (manual)

Flash off - push flash unit (top of camera) down

Set flash mode by repeatedly pressing flash button

Set to macro mode (middle button above screen)

Set exposure w/up,down and fstop w/L,R

Press and hold the OK button to activate the manual focus feature. Then adjust the focus with the four-way switch. The camera enlarges the center of the image on the LCD/EVF. Make sure subject is in focus. There is also an indicator showing you the current focal distance.

Light scattering - 1/10 - 1/20

Download pics with mode wheel at green arrow.

Date - Go to P, press OK, Press mode, scroll down to setup, Go right, scroll down to clock, press OK set date