Laemmli buffer recipes

Laemmli buffer recipes - weigh and pour

4X conc. resolving gel buffer*

1.5M Tris, pH ~ 8.7

90.75g Tris
8.8ml con HCl
424ml DW

4X conc. stacking gel buffer**

0.5M Tris, pH 6.8

7.8g Tris HCl
0.3g Tris
96ml DW

10x Well Buffer

30.3g Tris
142.5g glycine
885ml DW

Be aware of why adding liquid HCl is superior to adjusting with a pH meter

*If you're interested in large proteins, more HCl will give better stacking. If you're interested in small proteins, less HCl will release more proteins from the "stack".

**If you understand why I don't use liquid HCl here, give yourself extra credit for understanding buffers.