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My mother made me a scientist without ever intending to. Every other Jewish mother in Brooklyn would ask her child after school, "So? Did you learn anything today?" But not my mother. "Izzy," she would say, "did you ask a good question today?" That difference - asking good questions - made me become a scientist.

Isidor Isaac Rabi
New! Science and the internet - History of sucrose density gradient centrifugation.

Detecting fluorescence in gels - - - Journal shortcuts UNL only, bypass IRIS gateway

Minipurification - "universal" plant virus diagnostic tool, Deglycosylation of glycoproteins

Peptide mapping with CNBr, Gel electrophoresis tips, Tips for SDS PAGE beginners

Nebraska virus diseases, My buffer page, - Crowle's stain

Heat treatment
for plant virus diagnosis (use with minipurification)

Silver staining protocol for polyacrylamide gels (improved Morrissey)

dsRNA isolation - useful variants of "Morris & Dodds" - protocol & overview (3rd world friendly)

Eugene Garfield - scientific information pioneer, Creationism - a hobby

A brief guide to biological detergents, Gluthathione - what is it?

Review of phenol extraction - How does it work?

Phenol extraction of proteins - extract leaf proteins, clarify extracts (3rd world friendly)

Ammonium acetate - a convenient, overlooked buffer (3rd world friendly)

Stabilizing and "resurrecting" dithiothreitol stock solutions - 3rd world friendly.

Precipitating proteins and nucleic acids - why waste time dialyzing? (3rd world friendly)

Brome mosaic virus - introduction and properties, Chenopodium quinoa - a "universal" plant virus host

Diagnosing soybean viruses

Calculations for log-linear sucrose gradients (SW56, 60), (SW 65L)

Plant Pathology links, Biochem links

Plant Pathology 864B - course, Biochem 839 - course

Plant Pathology 369L - lab, Foundations 101

Plant Path seminar