1- Sr vs Ca as divalent cations - Same

2- Effect of salt conc.

3- Effect of pH (6.7, 7.3)

4- Washed vs unwashed cells - Washed better

5- Proteins released from virion by osmotic shock - No

6- Effect of pH and salt on background lysis

7- Effect of proteases on lysin (chymotrypsin, proteinase K) - assay

8- Effect of DTT on virion stability, stability of lysin activity

9- UV spectrum of lysin

10- Effect of pH on intrinsic stability of cells (vary T)

11- Order primers

12- Effect of various nonionic detergents on lysin kinetics

13- Effects if proteinases as function of salt, pH

14- Effect of T on proteinases

15- Effect of pH on chlorophyll stability