1- Calcium and strontium at lower pH

2- Lysin activity of virion, calcium, EGTA effect, temp series

3- Denature and renature lysin

4- Lysin activity w/Sybr Gold, bleached cells (Clorox, MeOH)

5- Activity through sephadex

6- Sensitivity of virion lysin to protease

7- Does sarkosyl inhibit lysin?

8- Run virion lysin through anion then cation exchange

9- Lysin in secretome??

10- Treat lysins with antibody to whole virus

11- Do thiols, EGTA, Triton help dissociate virus?

12- Is thiol inhibition reversible?

13- Does heat treated virus still have lysin activity?

14- How does EGTA affect LiCl dissociation of PBCV?

15- Does acetone (THF) ppt lysins?

16- Can renaturation kits restore lysin activity?

17- Better picture of antibody effect on WAL lysin

18- Carrier for acetone ppt.

19- Vary KCl w/con KCl soln.

20- Make up basic K-MOPS buffer, adjust pH w/conMOPS soln.

21- Sulfite as cell preservative

22- Effects of PEI, DEAE dextran, dextran sulfate on lysin

23- Effect of organic solvents on lysin