Potential glycosylases, lyases
Potential glycosylases, lyases

All known bacteriophages enter cells using a single enzyme integral to the virion
A215L by its self digests Chlorella walls (a single activity suffices)
Chloroviruses do not produce haloed plaques (characteristic of soluble enzyme release)
Alginate lyases
A215L - 321AA, pI 9.5 (all chloroviruses, N-terminal inhibitory domain)

A561L - 649AA, pI 9.43 (PBCVs, ATCV & virion proteomes, 4 domains!)

N263R - 297AA, pI = 9.79 (PBi analog of A561L, in virion proteome)
"Pectate lyase"
A122/123R - 1033AA, pI=5.3 (vp260 - beta-helix, resembles podovirus tailspike proteins)
A181/182R - 831AA, pI 7.46 (all chloroviruses & C. variabilis) - has chitin binding domain

A260R - 484AA, pI 9.36 (not in all chloroviruses)
A292L - 328AA, pI 9.04 (all chloroviruses)
A094L - 364AA, pI 4.53 (not in all chloroviruses but in C. variabilis)

A246R - 288AA, pI 10.0, Barwin (endoglucanase) domain, only in PBCVs