What is gluthathione?
What is gluthathione?

A colleague recently reviewed a manuscript with alternate spellings "glutathione" and "gluthathione". The latter spelling brings up ~100 references in Science Citation Index. A Google search favors the former ~100 to 1. "Gluthathione" is especially common in popular nutrition sites (example). The root "gluta" refers to glutamic acid, a glutathione precursor.

Potential source of "gluthathione"

Naive transliteration from Russian. The direct transliteration of cyrillic is "glutation". Transliterating both t's as th's could yield the misspelling.

If you think misspelling isn't a problem try a Google search for " Gluthatione" or " glutatione" - amazing isn't it! " Glutation" brings up primarily non-English language sites.

How about a good site on just normal glutathione?

Sorry - I can't recommend the internet. The health food industry spends money on search engine optimizers so searches are heavily contaminated by pseudoscience. You can combine it with words like "biochemistry" or "redox" or with the name of a specific enzyme. At this stage there seem to be no useful, readily available internet reviews (good project for someone). Stick with the scientific literature for now.