Plant Pathology seminar
1- To develop speaking skills (critical for scientific careers)
2- To "entertain" and communicate science to an audience
Developing a seminar
1- Report your own research
2- If this isn't feasible choose a topic relevant to your research
3- Choose a date and create a title
Preparing the seminar
1- Create a rough outline - make sure it's well organized
2- Make sure you're familiar with the topic
3- Talk to your advisor, other students and/or me about your topic
4- Create PowerPoint slides - if you're unfamiliar with PowerPoint get help
A- Make sure lettering is large enough
B- Make sure your slides have contrast
C- Make sure your slides aren't "too busy"
5- Present an outline and a few references (to be linked online to your topic)
6- Go through the presentation with your advisor (and with other students).
7- The presentation should last about 40 minutes - much too long or much too short is an embarrassment
Attend seminars
1- Learn what to do and what not to do by watching others
2- Get involved with the science and be prepared to ask questions
3- At the end of each seminar students will remain and discuss - be prepared to participate