Plant Path seminar schedule

Seminars are 4PM Tuesdays in 345 Keim - Schedule is still tentative.

Jan 27
Les Lane
Intelligent design - What is it? Does it belong in schools?
Feb 3
Peter Mullin
On the Origins of Dorylaimida: A Tale with Teeth
Feb 10
Jenny Fleer
Playing with Pathogens while Promoting Plant Path
Feb 17
Disease Update of Nebraska's Specialty Crops in 2003
Feb 18
Karen-Beth Scholtof
Feb 24
Changbin Chen
Ability of L-proline to suppress ROS-induced apoptotic-like cell death in Colletotrichum trifolii
Mar 2
Bryan Tlamka
Genetic Improvement of Sorghum for Enhancing Energy Yield, Nutrient Availability, and Disease Resistance
Mar 9
Wei Li
Regulation of IAP-mediated apoptosis by the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway
Mar 16
Spring Vacation
Mar 23
Amy Ziems
The World of Soybean Rust<
Mar 30
Shaojie Li
Target search in Aspergillus nidulans for a novel antifungal compound (s) produced by Lysobacter enzymogenes strain 3
Apr 6
Young-ki Park
Apr 13
Zhengqing Fu
Apr 14
Steve Lommel
The tobacco genome initiative - application to virus pathogenesis
Apr 20
Celestina Jochua
Agriculture in Mozambique, Sources of Resistance to Bean Rust Pathogen in Southern Mozambique
Apr 27
Evolution of pathogenicity genes: pea pathogens as a model
Apr 28
May 11
Maricelis Acevedo
Coevolution and virulence gene distribution in plant-pathogen populations

Biotech Seminars - Wednesdays, 4PM Beadle Auditorium

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