N gene

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I- Basics of N gene
1- Confers local lesion based "hypersensitive" resistance to most tobamoviruses
2- Originally isolated from N. glutinosa and bred into tobacco
3- Normal TMV has not overcome the N gene
4- The N gene is inactive above 28oC - inoculating above 28oC and shifting down after systemic invasion yields systemic necrosis
5- The hypersensitive response is complex and involves many genes
6- "N" appears to be one of many switches which turn on the battery of genes
7- "N" response also yields systemic acquired resistance, SAR.
II- Region of TMV that induces N
1- Ob (a pepper strain) fails to recognize the N gene
2- By constructing chimeras show that helicase region induces hypersensitivity
3- By constructing chimeras at higher resolution show that several helicase regions are essential
III- Isolation and sequencing of N gene
1- N gene is a "classical" toll receptor (a membrane protein)
2- Resembles other resistance genes
3- Introducing N gene into tomato or N. benthamiana confers resistance
4- Strategies for identifying genes required for "N" action are now available.
5- N gene activates pathways common to many resistance systems including apoptosis.

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