Comments from former foundations students

I learned I need to develop lots of skills because being smart won't be enough here

I have a hard time studying and getting to bed on time

I can do better in my classes if I keep up with the assignments; college is really not any harder than high school

No money

I've got to keep up with everything, not let it build up. So far I'm not doing too well at it.

I can get a lot done if I need to and I can work harder than I thought I could

I can get lazy very easily

In college you have to be able to motivate yourself and be responsible. You have to make yourself study for exams.

Missing one class can kill you

I learned that I'm not very good at test taking and that I do a good job of managing my time.

I've learned I'm not as smart as I was in high school. I have to study now. If I put the effort in the grades will come through.

Need to get more organized

I've learned a lot about my priorities and realize they need to be straightened out.

I've become a more organized person

I need to work on time management skills; need to study more

The computers are fun, except I don't want ever to see a word processor again.

I am tired of my stupid, somewhat needless classes

I learned that I can actually survive on my own. I learned that I can meet new people easily.